Connie Witter and Tricia Gunn Discussing Grace

Tricia Gunn of Parresia and Connie Witter of Because of Jesus team up to answer questions about the amazing grace of Jesus.

Listen to audio here | Watch video here


Questions include the following:

1. What about obedience under grace? (We have always heard this is the key to our victory)

2. If the “work is finished,” what does God require of me? What is “work” under grace?

3. How do I pray if the work is finished? Describe prayer under grace.

4. What is spiritual warfare under grace?

5. How can God see me as righteous when I still sin?

6 . What is the role of the Holy Spirit in my life?

7. Does it matter if I sin?

8. Is there too much grace? How do you handle a loved one that is in “rebellion” and not “acting” right or is pleasant to be around? Give them grace? Continue to hang around them? Or set boundaries? Is setting boundaries "grace"?

9. If Jesus died for all, are all saved?

10. What about confession of sins for the believer? Do I need to ask God to forgive me each time I sin?

11. If I’m not supposed to be sin conscious, how will I ever change and become mature?

12. Sometimes when I talk about the grace of God some people put up an immediate defense and claim that I am speaking of a prosperity gospel. How do you address that?

13. What about all the Word of Faith preachers who we have listen to for so long? Do we just discount them now?

14. What about sovereignty? Is God Sovereign?

15. The Bible tells me that I will experience suffering. Some people have gone so far as to say that I am not really a Christian if I do not experience suffering on earth. How do I reconcile this with the gospel of grace?

16. Can we put ourselves under a curse when we sin? What about the generational curse?

17. Are we eternally redeemed, or can I lose my salvation? What about the unpardonable sin?

18. Doesn't saying you only want to hear pure grace teaching make you a little bit exclusive?